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We asked a lot of people what food meant to them, and we got an array of interesting answers. Food is a sense of flavour, a delightful experience, a celebration of taste, and so on. While many associate food with taste, they fail to understand the fact that for over 250 million people in India, taste is a luxury that simply cannot be afforded. Food for them is but a basic necessity, a staple for survival, a struggle from one meal to another.

On many instances, we cook or order more food than what we actually require. Sometimes we even discard food simply because it fails to appease our taste buds.

Next time you discard food without much thought, consider these startling facts:

While eradicating hunger might be a far-fetched vision, everyone can still do their bit if they take the issue of Food Wastage & Shortage seriously. A lot can still be achieved in the long run.

How we do our bit:

As preferred caterers for some of the most extravagant weddings and events, we offer lavish buffets which can lead guests to be spoilt for choice. In the due process, we see a lot of left overs. Being in the catering business for over 6 decades has given us enough experience to never undermine the value of food, no matter how small or large the quantity. We want to do our bit for the greater love of mankind, and nurture a conscious effort to feed the hungry, and above all, revel in the joy of giving.

We pack all leftover/excess food in hygienic containers, and distribute the food across Bangalore to the hungry, through our partners.

We have also partnered with some of the most reputed Social-service NGOs in the city, and we ensure that all the food waste at any event is used as animal feed or converted to organic manure to feed the plants.

On an average, we delight over 5000 hungry people every week, and plans are afoot to extend this initiative to feed as many needy people as possible.

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